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INSIDE innovation

Your Forecasting



Cut imbalance charges by 20% compared to competitors

At Omnienergy, we are experts in providing energy production forecasts for wind and photovoltaic power plants for both intraday (MI) and day-ahead (MGP) markets. Our estimates are approximately 20% more accurate than our best competitor, leading to a significant reduction in imbalance charges.

Omnienergy innovation is driven by the Orchestra Conductor

Omnienergy differs from all other competitors in its use of an "Orchestra Conductor": a machine-learning model that uses several underlying models, dynamically determining in real time the weight of their contributions.


Market (IM)

Omnienergy differs from competitors in its focus on energy forecasts in the Intraday Market (MI), offering forecast horizons ranging from 1 to 12 hours with constant hourly updates.



Errors in predictive estimates are more than halved compared to leading market competitors, assessed by NMAE (Normalized Mean Absolute Error) in relation to rated power and RMSE (Root Mean Squared Error).

Platform features

Real-time consultation of energy production.
Integrated, scalable and maintainable IT architecture.
Savings in imbalance charges compared with main competitors.
Proprietary weather forecast processing.
Plant-specific ML instances with historical data storage.
Real-time monitoring of model performance and reliability.

The service includes


MI Forecasts

API Access

MGP Forecasts

Plant-specific instances

Model trend monitoring


Who we address

We do it best.

The platform is designed to meet the needs of operators active in the free energy market who wish to minimize the discrepancy between planned energy and energy actually consumed.
Dispatcher users of wind and photovoltaic plants.
Producers and traders in the energy market.
Electricity suppliers who need to constantly capture their customers' consumption forecast.

We are part of a great group!

Omninext is a group of highly specialized interconnected companies that digitizes products, services and business processes by offering customized solutions for different business sectors. In 2019, the Group launched Omnienergy with the goal of building predictive products based on artificial intelligence for the energy sector.

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